Body Alchemist

New Project

NAAD (aka As Above So Below)

NAAD is a sound project by Raquel Mavecq and Sabine Holler.

NAAD is a Punjabi word that means the sound before the sound, the sound of the cosmos, it is “the essence of all sound. Naad is the vibrational harmony through which the infinite can be experienced.” (Yogi Bhajan)

NAAD is a cerimonial act in which we communicate with planetary bodies through the sound current. Using tuning forks to find the vibrational frequency and musical notes that correspond to each planet, we hum each tone to vibrate the qualities of that planetary body in our bodies and into space. By placing a microphone in-utero, the sounds from the humming are captured, looped and reproduced live.

In each performance we connect to the planetary context and create sound constellations that correspond to the sky at that moment.

Originally from Brazil, Sabine Holler is a New York based touring musician, singer/songwriter, and sound artist. Sabine and Raquel have been studying Astrology together and share the love for hermetic sciences and different divination practices.

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